We work hand in hand with East African communities to break cycles of poverty and build sustainable, equitable futures.

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657 million people live in extreme poverty. We’re changing that one community at a time.

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The Humanity Share was founded on one simple principle: Take what you know and use it for good. Since 2007 we have worked hand-in-hand with East African communities to break cycles of poverty and build sustainable, equitable futures. Through our work in East Africa, we aim to inspire a global community that leverages the power and importance of community-led transformation.

Community-led transformation

How we work

Trusted partnerships and a belief that each community knows their needs best are at the heart of community-led transformation. We respond to the complexity of chronic poverty through a holistic, three-part strategy that addresses access to basic needs, provides quality education, and generates sustainable income. Through local leaders, we aim to empower each partner community to create their own sustainable change.

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Partner communities

True partnership is built on community, dignity, and trust. We believe that these should be freely given, not earned, and are at the core of everything we do. Our partner communities each hold a unique vision for their own communities and understand the resources required to effect long-term change. We are here to advance their visions by listening, collaborating and helping secure what they need.

Elizabeth Shuel
Women's Leader, Inkuseron Village

"I want to thank you so much, because we finally got clean water. We finally got clean water and we will no longer fetch or drink dirty water. My home is quite near to this water source. In approximately three minutes, I can reach the water point and fetch clean water behind me. We are so grateful, as the Inkuseron community, and we want to thank you so much." Watch Elizabeth's story here

Nora Chalet
University Scholarship Recipient

"When I am through with the university education, I will be a qualified teacher and I will be able to compete in the job market. When I get employed, I will be able to get a good salary that will cater for my needs and I will be able to help my parents and grandparents." Watch Nora's story here.

Mama Helen
Womens Leader, Inkuseron Village

"The benefits of educating a girl child are enormous. She will assist her parents and solve many challenges. She will not depend on her spouse, but will depend on her income and enjoy financial independence. I would like to thank our generous sponsors who have assisted us in paying school fees for our daughters because they have lessened the burden of paying fees."

Stella Chebengat
Education Sponsorship Student, West Pokot, Kenya

“We were even aiming higher. Having dreams of finishing school so we can build our parents better homes and come out of this poverty that we are facing now. Corona has messed up our dreams, but that doesn’t mean we lose hope." Watch Stella's story here

Mr. Dickson
Water Committee Chairman, Oloomunyi Village

"Ever since we got this water project we have established our own community garden where we plant vegetables like kale and tomatoes. I want to sincerely thank the donors who gave us this water project." Watch Mr. Disckson's Story Here

Mama Sam
Women's Leader, Oloomunyi Village

"We are very happy because we have water in our village. In the past we would walk for close to 20 kilometers to Ilbissil village to get vegetables because there were no vegetables in our village. We are happy that today, here in Oloomunyi, people from neighboring villages come to buy vegetables from our garden. We see this as an enormous blessing and we are very happy." Watch Mama Sam's Story Here

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