Non-Discrimination Statement

The Humanity Share is committed to maintaining relationships which recognize and value the individual traits and dignity of every person and community. We value and treat each person who participates and partners with our programs as equal individuals.

The Humanity Share does not discriminate against any partner of our organization on the basis of race, religion, or other identifying factor. The Humanity Share conducts its programs, services, and activities consistent with all law and with a view towards equal opportunity of participation in our programs.

We partner with local leaders, which includes governmental agencies, local NGOs, and community leaders (e.g., chiefs, elders, spiritual figureheads, principals, women's group leaders, and other influential members of the community). While a specific leader may have a religious affiliation, The Humanity Share does not require nor request a religious affiliation, nor do we require program participants to convert to certain religious affiliates in order to commence or continue participation in such programs.