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Student Sponsorship

An estimated 260 million children worldwide do not attend school. Our education program provides at-risk youth with access to a quality education. Local leaders and government agencies recommend students to our sponsorship program, and we respond based on the availability of sponsors. Students attend a variety of established schools that have been thoroughly vetted by our East African leaders to ensure they have the best support and education available to them.

When available, parents of our students are encouraged to participate in our sustainable income programs and slowly reclaim the financial responsibility for their children’s basic needs.


In many communities, girls' education is seen as a waste of resources despite research showing that educating a girl exponentially improves family health and income.

Because girls are at the highest risk of being forced into cultural practices such as child marriage and female genital mutilation at puberty, our Kenya program supports girls entering secondary school. A quality secondary education provides more than book learning. It also ensures that young women have the opportunity to understand their rights and reach their full potential. In school, they gain the confidence and skills to become leaders, earners, and advocates within their communities and to make their own decisions regarding marriage and family planning.


In Ethiopia, 41% of young children living in poverty do not attend primary  school. Many of the children we work with live in informal settlements in Addis Ababa and are being raised by one parent or an extended family member. Without a formal education themselves, parents work as day laborers, looking for odd jobs around the city, such as washing clothes or sweeping streets. Despite their hard work and deep love for their children, parents and guardians struggle to provide basic needs.

Our education program in Ethiopia starts at pre-kindergarten, ensuring that children are cared for in a safe environment while their parents look for work, and continues through high school. The students attend private schools where they have access to a quality education with academic  support, such as tutoring and summer school. With their children well-cared for during the work day, caretakers are empowered to improve their economic situations, move into permanent homes, and provide for their families’ basic needs.

As a sponsor, you have the opportunity to know exactly who your investment benefits, and get to know the student and their family through a twice yearly letter exchange. Access to a quality education has the power to break the cycle of poverty in one generation. By investing in one student’s life you are investing in their entire family and every generation to come.

Support a student for $47/mo ($564/year)

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Sponsored Students Receive

School Tuition Fees

Your sponsorship funds go directly toward your students annual tuition.

Dignity Kits

Every semester students receive a dignity kit which contains basic hygiene supplies so they can learn with dignity.

School Supplies

School uniforms, book bag, text books, pencils, and more!


Our East African partners provide mentorship through annual empowerment conferences and regular classroom visits.

Tutoring + Summer School

Many of our students parents never received a formal education and struggle to help their kids with homework. We provide tutoring and summer school as needed so students stay ahead!

Family Well-Being Checks

Our partners in East Africa check in regularly with the parents of our students and provide counseling and assistance as needed.

University Scholarship

Many of our secondary school graduates were unable to pursue higher education programs because they could not pay the tuition, so in 2016, we began a university scholarship program. Every year since, we open our university scholarship application to any recent graduate from our education programs. From studying early childhood development to chemistry and physics, our scholarship recipients are blazing new trails. Through their hard work and perseverance they are proving to their communities, and most importantly themselves, that young women can achieve and contribute to every facet of society.

Investing in the university scholarship program equips young women with the confidence, expertise and support to shift cultural norms and build a brighter future for every future generation.

Suggested minimum gift: $1,000

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Dignity Kits

Dignity kits are provided to students at the start of each semester. Each dignity kit contains underwear, sanitary pads, soap, laundry detergent, shoe polish, moisturizer, toothbrush and toothpaste. Providing students with these basic needs allows them to learn with dignity and grow into strong, confident leaders in their communities.

Give the gift of dignity today. 1 dignity kit = $25

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