July 7, 2023

Celebrating Graduations

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ongratulations to Jemimah, Lydia, Norah, and Josephine, four powerful women! We have had the opportunity to support and watch these four extraordinary women grow in their education and leadership over the past several years. Getting to know them, hearing their stories, and sharing their hopes and dreams has been a privilege.

Norah (top left), Josephine (top right), Lydia (bottom left), and Jemimah (bottom right)

Jemimah graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Nursing. She shared,

“I finished my Bachelors in nursing! I am honored to be a product of The Humanity Share. Thanks for your unending support in all aspects and for making my dreams come true. I've also been posted to Embu for my internship starting the 17th of this month. To my young sisters, you can also make it if you work for what you desire."

Lydiah graduated with her Bachelor of Education in IT and Sciences. She is one of four students to graduate with top honors and the ONLY girl!

Norah graduated with her Bachelor of Education in Physics and Chemistry. She is awaiting her teachers' registration number from the government so she can secure a job. In the meantime, she’s teaching her siblings at home! In 2021 we visited Norah’s home. Watch her story!

Josephine graduated with her diploma in Early Childhood Education. Josephine is planning to go back to her village of Enkutoto to teach at the local school. Her father, Mr. Leton Kumary, donated the land that is home to the primary school where Josephine will teach as well as our 2021 water project! Hear their story below!

We are so proud of the work and dedication it took for each of these graduates to complete their education and we look forward to seeing what they do in the future. We also want to thank all the donors who have supported these girls and their education through high school and university.

We are currently accepting scholarship applications from our graduated seniors and are expecting a record 50 students to apply. You can help give another young woman the same opportunity afforded to Jemimah, Norah, Lydia and Josephine by donating today to our University Scholarship Fund.