November 21, 2023

Education Program Sponsorship

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very year we strive to send 100 girls to school in Kenya. Your partnership has helped us provide over 1,200 scholarships since 2009. This holiday season we invite you to give the gift of education by committing to supporting a young girls education in 2024.

The Challenge:
One of the biggest hurdles stopping girls in Kenya from a brighter future is a lack of education. “86.5% of girls aged 9-13 years live in rural Kenya with 80.8% of them attending primary school but only 14.3% enrolling for secondary.” There are many reasons why girls do not continue to secondary school (equivalent of high school) including socio-economic issues such as teenage pregnancies, early marriages, poverty and a lack of mentorship. Our program is designed to combat those challenges giving girls the best opportunity to break the cycle of poverty and build a better future for themselves, their families, and their communities.

The Solution:
Our education program works hand in hand with the families and surrounding community to support girls through their secondary education journey by providing school fees, uniforms, transportation fees, basic hygiene supplies (dignity kits), and mentorship. Our partners also provide family reconciliation services when necessary. Our annual conferences during the school break not only check in on the girls but also put them in a community where they feel empowered. Through access to education, these girls are breaking barriers and blazing new trails in their communities!

Join Us:
Every year we strive to send 100 girls to secondary school. Our program costs $564 per year, per student, or $47 a month. We need 100 people to commit to 100 girls before December 15 in order to ensure students can report to school the first week of January. We are currently 30% of the way there! Email Katie Prins at to learn more or commit to supporting a student’s education in 2024!

Njeri, Dr Ann. Helping More Girls Complete Basic Education in Kenya.