June 5, 2024

Join us in welcoming Justin Genzink to The Humanity Share Board of Directors (USA)!

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Makena Mugambi

ustin Genzink is from Holland, Michigan, and runs Cascade Fresh Cleaning Services, a small business based in West Michigan. For the past two years, Cascade Fresh Cleaning Services has won “Best of Grand Rapids” within the business category. Justin has rich experience supporting non-profit organizations including Bethany Christian Services based in Grand Rapids, Resilience, Faith45, and several other organizations. Justin draws on his faith to guide all he does. His motto is taken from the words of Jesus, “Whatever you did for the least of these, you did to Me.” Justin is committed to making every effort to use his skills to add value to The Humanity Share, particularly by connecting those within his community and beyond, to the vision and mission of the organization.

“The Humanity Share has grown to mean a great deal to me already, even before I have begun doing any official work as a Board Member,” says Genzink, “The work taking place at The Humanity Share is so important! For all the people involved, it is truly changing lives, as it allows us to be the hands and feet of Jesus; while providing access to education and clean accessible water sources.”

As an organization, we seek to partner with representatives in the communities we are connected to, both in the U.S. and East Africa. Currently, our international board members are spread across four U.S. cities and in Australia. With a growing presence in Holland, Michigan, the timing could not be better for Justin to join the board - being a lifelong West Michigan resident.

CEO Kait TenHarmsel shares, "Justin and his family have been long-standing partners of The Humanity Share. Justin leads with equal parts head and heart, approaching the challenges our world faces with curiosity and a desire to understand their origins, combined with the conviction that we can do better tomorrow than we did yesterday. When Justin believes in something, he quickly mobilizes his community to rally around it. This was evident in 2023 when our first drill for water in Kajiado Town came up dry. Within 48 hours, Justin's friends and family raised the funds needed to drill again, leading to a successful second attempt and water security for the estimated 13,000 people currently living in Shapashina Estate. His motivation, commitment, and relentless drive to create good in the world will help elevate The Humanity Share’s impact to the next level. I look forward to working with Justin at the board level and expanding our reach in West Michigan and beyond."

Genzink’s appointment to the Board of Directors brings the total number of Board Members to six. We are eager to have Justin join The Humanity Share family in this capacity and look forward to all the ways our presence and impact will continue to grow in the West Michigan community and beyond.

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