June 9, 2023

Kajiado Water Project Update

Post by 
Katie Prins

If you’ve been following the journey to water on Instagram you already know, our first borehole didn’t have enough water. Identifying deep aquifers is not an exact science but a collection of indicators that tell us a story about where water likely is. When this happened in 2020 in Inkuseron Village we modified our process to include two independent hydrogeological surveys. If they didn’t agree on the drill location, we’d get a third. In Kajiado, both surveyors identified the same spot so we felt confident about our drill! Unfortunately, we, and the community, were met with disappointment when the water we hit was only a yield of 2m3/hr (we need at least 3m3/hr to even consider moving forward).

Last Saturday we had a new geologist team on site recommended to us through our friends at AMREF Kenya. They’ve identified two new spots where they believe a deep aquifer exists. We’ve received their report, met internally, and once our follow up questions are answered we are hopeful to begin a new drill and strike water.

The exciting news? If we move forward with a new drill, our team will be on site for it! Our US team has never been in Kenya during a drill and we can’t wait to be a part of the celebration with the community!

The hard news? A dry borehole is a financial setback. We knew that to drill a second borehole we’d need to come up with an additional $8,500. We are grateful to a couple of donors who have already fulfilled $7,500 of that need but need help closing the gap on the last $1,000 before we take off for Kenya on Monday. You can give toward that need here.