February 14, 2024

Orinie Water Project

Post by 
Makena Mugambi

e are excited to announce that the new water project at Orinie Village has begun!

At the beginning of February, our Kenya Team accompanied a water engineering team to kick off the launch of installing a borehole Orinie Village. When kicking off a new water project, we begin by conducting a water survey at the desired location, introducing the community leaders to the upcoming project, and raising awareness towards how they can embrace and make the best use of the borehole within the community. Conducting an accurate survey is an integral part of building a water borehole. During the water survey in Orinie Village, the leaders of the community were present to witness and be part of the survey. The survey team searched through four different points across 10 acres, before finding a reliable water source at a fifth point. There was great joy and excitement in realizing that we can move forward with drilling a borehole!

Drilling a borehole in Orinie Village will bring a long-term desire we have had to meet the needs of this community, particularly where the health clinic and dispensary are concerned. The access to clean water within the community will hopefully decrease mortality rates among women and babies, reduce cases of malnutrition among primary children, and be a closer point of travel for the surrounding villages.

We are extremely grateful to everyone who has been involved in investing in this project in one way or another. There is so much hope and goodness that awaits Orinie Village through this project and we are hopeful that it will be a source of thriving for the community.