July 8, 2024

We Have Water! - Orinie Water Project Update

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ast week, Michael Ndambuki, THS Kenya Program Coordinator, spent most of the week supervising the continuation of the borehole installation in Orinie Village, Kajiado. This process he was overseeing was the final stage of the borehole installation process that began in February with the water surveying. The last stage of putting up a borehole is highly critical because the engineers are equipping and installing pipes and trenches for the water to flow out of the borehole. All of this is done in faith that water will come from the area identified at the point of surveying as a possible water source. To pump water from the borehole, we use solar power and throughout the week solar panels were being installed for this very purpose. Michael was also overseeing the building of an area for a water tank to be used for distributing water from the borehole to the clinic dispensary that is on the same compound where the borehole has been drilled.

Installing the last pipe.

Following this work, the real moment of truth came when the water pipes were opened and with immediate effect, clean water began to flow out! This was an exciting win for the Orinie Community and The Humanity Share organization. Immediately clean water began to flow from the borehole, those in the area were elated and filled with joy and hope after much waiting and anticipation. The water project has been completed successfully! Michael said in reflection,

"The water is soft and safe for consumption by both humans and animals. This water will serve the people in Orinie, especially at the clinic dispensary."

To celebrate the completion of the borehole project, there will be a launching and educating day on July 14, led by Pastor John Kiroka and The Humanity Share team. At the launch, we anticipate there to be community leaders, church leaders, the government chief of Orinie, and community members. The celebration will be a time to give thanks for the successful completion of the project and the receiving of clean water in Orinie.

We want to extend a heartfelt gratitude to all those who donated generously towards this project and in particular participated in the 2023 Harambee and 6k run which aimed at raising funds towards this project. Your generosity has reaped good, lasting fruit.