May 19, 2023

Trip to East Africa 2023

Post by 
Katie Prins

3 days until take off!

On Monday, May 22 our team is heading back to East Africa for the first time since February 2020! A lot has happened since our last visit to Kenya and Ethiopia and we can’t wait to be back. Some highlights from the last three years that we’re excited to check in on include:

  • The Enkutoto water project and Inkuseron sustainable agriculture project which were both completed in 2021
  • Watching the drill for water happen in Kajiado Town in real time!
  • Meeting Michael and Maureen who we hired in our Kenya office in 2021
  • Seeing our first brick and mortar office space in Kajiado, Kenya
  • Seeing how much our Ethiopia students grew in the last three years and meeting three new students we’ve added, twins Gideon and Hallelujah (5) and Amen (9)
  • Having lunch with our 29 university scholarship recipients and some of our recent graduates!

Who’s on the trip?

Our CEO, Kait, will be joined by Board Chair, Saige Benavides, Board member, Luke Nichols, and Hope College’s Global Water Research Institute (more on that later!), Dr. Virginia Beard and student, Makayla Wilson.

Follow along for live updates!

Kait will be posting live updates daily so you can follow along! Follow us on Instagram and share in the excitement.