October 18, 2023

Upcoming Trip to Pokot

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ur team is excited to be traveling to West Pokot next week. The Humanity Share has partnered with two girls schools, Alale and St. Anne's, since 2013 to support access to education for girls. In addition to providing scholarships to students, we have invested in income generating agriculture projects at each school to help close the funding gap and promote food security. While on the trip the team will meet with community leaders, check in with school leaders, and spend time with our scholars.

Pastor Kiroka shared,

On this trip, I'm looking forward to seeing and motivating the girls to continue believing that education will help raise the standard of their daily lives. We will also challenge and discourage cultural beliefs and practices such as FGM, early marriages, and discrimination against the girl child among many. We will also aim to raise the hope of the teachers, reminding them that their labor teaching in remote communities is not in vein. Finally, we will encourage our girls that their whole community and the generations to come will be looking at them as role models and that they should engage and provide the community with good leadership in the future. I'm also looking forward to motivating the Pokot leadership on the benefits of education and the need to protect these girls.