July 5, 2023

"Welcome to Kenya"

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n Friday, May 26, 2023 our U.S. and Kenya teams visited Enkutoto Village where we were greeted by a lively performance put on by the Nalala Primary School. Enkutoto is the site of our 2021 water project which brought clean water to 10,000 people. During the performance a poem titled, "Welcome to Kenya", was performed by one of the classes and was written to celebrate the partnership between Enkutoto Community and The Humanity Share. It caught us all by surprise and has become our favorite poem of all time!

Welcome to Kenya

Welcome to Kenya, the cradle of humanity,
And here we are, Nalala for expansion!
The center of excellence, for learners and community,
Where love, kindness and hope is shared
Welcome to Kenya, hakuna matata

The place was deserted for lack of water
Women walked distances, cows, goats and sheep
It wasn't a tour, but searching for water
Families went hungry, not because no food
Simply, no water
Welcome to Kenya, hakuna matata

It was like a dream, when The Humanity Share knocked
Bringing rays of hope, reviving dying dreams
Water was drilled, a positive narrative started
In our hearts we rejoiced for changing our lives
Welcome to Kenya, hakuna matata

We thank God for you, bring you in our lives
May God always bless you, and your families back there
Your generosity, The Humanity Share, will be passed to generations
In our hearts you remain, as long as we live
Welcome to Kenya, hakuna matata

A poem written by Nalala Primary School

Nalala Primary School students
CEO, Kait TenHarmsel greeting the primary school students
U.S. and Australia Board Member, Luke Nichols, being greeted by the students