August 3, 2022

When Elephants Steal Your Water

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es, you read that right. Elephants. A few weeks ago the Enkutoto community woke up to find that elephants had destroyed their 10,000 liter water tank leaving the community, once again, without water. Pastor Kiroka shared, “This is due to the elephants that are out of the Amboseli Park looking for water. They pushed the stand until the tank busted and water dropped on the ground. We have this issue because the park is dry. We have not had enough rains the last two years.”

Without a tank, there is no water. The Enkutoto community was devastated.

Damage done to the water tanks as the result of elephants searching for water.

Due to the urgency of this need we quickly wired funding so our team could replace the water tank and restore access to water. We did this without funding in our budget but with faith that our community (read: YOU!) would come through for the Enkutoto community. You always do.

The cost to restore water access was $2,000. We need to replace this funding quickly and ask that you join us by making a financial gift today.

"We can't control where elephants roam, but we can control how we respond. When things get hard, we show up." -Kait TenHarmsel, CEO

Typically, these types of repairs are funded by the community using the funds they've saved from the revenue the water project generates. But with the Enkutoto water project less then a year old, the community has not had enough time to save funds to cover a set back of this magnitude. CEO, Kait Tenharmsel, shares, "Our goal is to invest in sustainable solutions that equip communities to effect long term, sustainable change from the inside out. Disasters such as this are unavoidable. These things happen. We can't control where elephants roam, but we can control how we respond. When things get hard, we show up."

Our Kenyan partners acted quickly to secure two new 5,000 liter tanks that were installed just a few days later, restoring water and hope to the community. Jecinder, one of the women leaders in Enkutoto, expressed her gratitude while her goats enjoyed water once again!

"Hello, this is Jecinder. I am so thankful for the repair of the water tank that was destroyed by elephants. I am thankful for The Humanity Share!" -Jecinder