August 14, 2023

Why Girls?

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hoebe Reson Ranka is pursuing a degree in Community Development at the CooperativeUniversity of Kenya.

Educating girls through university level is important and can lead to countless, wonderful things such as the following. "

First, an educated girl is more likely to become involved in the workforce and in turn bring economic stability to her family. Community studies have shown that women invest around 90% of their income into their families and communities thus reducing poverty and improving health, safety, and education for everyone. Therefore, this shows that educating girls through university level is not only important to the girl, but also to the community.

Second, an educated girl knows the risks of unprotected, casual sex and will therefore be careful or help to control the spread of HIV and other sexually transmitted diseases. The girl will be better equipped to handle pregnancy and health complications associated with bearing a child. This in turn will significantly improve maternal and infant health, allowing for healthier future generations. Therefore, educating girls through university enables the girls to achieve their stated goals without any distractions.

An educated girl has the opportunity to dream big and to eventually realize the dreams she once thought would be impossible to achieve. "

Education catapults girls into a brighter future, creating an empowered woman capable of changing her own life, her community, and the world. This therefore explains why educating girls through university is important.”