September 26, 2023

Why Orinie?

Post by 
Katie Prins

e asked Susan Musangi Mbiti what it would mean to bring water to Orinie Village, Kenya. Here is what she said:

Orinie Village, Kenya is where an existing health clinic is operating without water. Lack of water means the health clinic can only provide nutritional support and immunizations leaving 30,000 people without access to proper medical care. By implementing our water security strategy at Orinie Village we’ll bring water security to 2,600 community members, 250 primary school students, and the health clinic.

Currently, 15% of primary school children experience marasmus, severe malnutrition resulting in a weight of under 60% for their age. While the county government provides porridge for the children, without water there is no way to cook it. The health clinic has tried growing vegetables to support the students but lack of water and a persistent 4 year drought has made that effort unsuccessful.

Access to maternal healthcare is also an issue. The health clinic is situated at the center of 8 surrounding villages totaling a population of 30,000 people. Women give birth at home but in the event of an emergency, they are 17 kilometers away from the nearest medical care. Without a road system or vehicles, the journey is made via donkey. High mortality rates among women and babies exist because of this.

For these reasons, Orinie Village has been identified as our next partner community for water security. Their exceptional leadership, central location, and displayed motivation to improve their lives give our leadership team the confidence that the project will have a lasting impact on the community’s physical, spiritual, and mental health.

You can help fund this project by joining us on Friday, October 27 for our 11th annual Harmabee event SIGN UP HERE or direct donations to this project can also be made at HERE.